Bluebank Kentucky Bluegrass earns Super Elite status with it's proven traffic tolerance, disease resistance, dark green color, medium fine-texture, uniformity, durability, and density. Bluebank thrives in cool-season and transition zones where Kentucky Bluegrass is commonly used. In super-competitive situations like overseeding into existing stands and incorporating in mixtures that contain Perennial Ryegrass, Bluebank will establish well and tolerate wear resulting in more Kentucky Bluegrass in the stand. If you are searching for the darkest green lawn and sod-quality seed, Bluebank is the best match. Purity %: 99.54, Crop %: 0.00, Weed %: 0.01, Germ %: 85.00  

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WEIGHT: 10 pounds


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  • SWELL SEED COMPANY Ethically Harvested
  • SWELL SEED COMPANY Highest Quality Ingredients
  • SWELL SEED COMPANY Glyphosate Free
  • Type Straight Seed
  • Used For Lawn
  • Mature Color Dark Green
  • Sun or Shade Full Sun
  • Seeding Rate 1-3 Pounds / 1,000 sq. ft
  • Seeding Depth 1/4 inch
  • Mowing Height 2-4 inches
  • Seeds / Pound 1,200,000 Seeds / Pound
  • Germination About 14-30 Days