Swell Seed | About Us

Swell Seed Co was created to offer our retail customers the same high-quality seed products, knowledge and expertise that our parent company offers its wholesalers. Being located in the eco-diverse state of Washington has provided the perfect setting for us to gain many years of experience in lawn, native and reclamation, forage, and flower seed. We carefully selected the species, blends, and mixes that are the best fit for a variety of environments across the country and we work with many seed producers to ensure that happens. While we’ve developed great relationships with our wholesalers, we have taken the opportunity to connect with end users who often contact us about getting their hands on some of our seed for their new lawn or pasture. Swell Seed Co has a great team focused on providing a great product. Our staff is behind each step in the process of getting our seed to you. We put effort into keeping our system small-scale with limited automation. We believe that we should personally be selecting the highest quality seed, preparing and bagging the seed, overseeing that it is efficiently sent to your door, and providing you with the resources to plant and maintain it yourself. What to expect: We’ve done the research and preparation so you don’t have to. Quality is always at the top of our list. Seed from Swell is never coated and we don’t add filler “just because”. We believe that better seed is cleaner and contains less weed seed, has a higher rate of germination and a better chance of establishing which means it will need to be re-seeded less often. Planting these seeds should be an experience, and a good one. We want you to feel confident in the seed you are using and in your ability to plant it. Here at Swell Seed Co, we are proud of our products and the information we provide you. We intend on making everything as straightforward as possible, from the ordering process to instructions to maintenance. We’re here to say “You’ve got this” and to help you become a seed expert, too. Swell Seed Co is excited to work with you!