Grass Seed Products

A Wide Selection of Warm & Cool Season Grass Seeds

At Swell Seed Company, we have a range of warm and cool-season grass seeds. Choose the one that is best suited to you. Here is a look at our offerings.

Cool-Season Grasses

If you are looking for lawn grass that is reliable, durable, and resistant to snow and frost, our cool-season grasses are perfect. We have a selection of cool-season grasses that will give your lawn a luscious green aesthetic throughout winter. They have a dark green color with a fine texture to elevate the charm of your lawn.

Warm Season Grasses

Here is a summer must-have with excellent texture and color to add that breezy summer freshness to your lawn. At Swell Seed Company, we offer warm-season grasses that are perfect for your lawn with their excellent durability and reliability. They are adapted to hot and dry climates, making them much more sustainable, especially if drought is common in your region.