Busy Bee Flowering Lawn is a low-growing alternative lawn option that attracts pollinators. It features species with creeping tendencies that create ground cover with a reduced need for watering and mowing. This mixture combines the luscious green color of Sheep Fescue and clovers with colorful, low-growing flowers. In garden applications, let this mix grow as it pleases and in lawn applications, this mixture can be mowed to a height of 3-5 inches.  

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WEIGHT: 1 pound


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  • SWELL SEED COMPANY Ethically Harvested
  • SWELL SEED COMPANY Highest Quality Ingredients
  • SWELL SEED COMPANY Glyphosate Free
  • Type Mixture
  • Used For Flowers
  • Mature Color
  • Sun or Shade
  • Seeding Rate 1/2-1 Pounds / 1,000 Sq. Ft
  • Seeding Depth 1/4-1/2 inch
  • Mowing Height 6-24 inches
  • Seeds / Pound 625,000 Seeds / Pound
  • Germination About 14-21 Days