Flower Seeds

Add vibrant colors and liveliness to any place with floral blossoms. Swell Seed offers a mix of annual and perennial flower seeds to help you design the garden of your choice. The flower mixtures are designed in a manner that can withstand even the most difficult growing conditions. Add the scent, color, and magic of different flower blooms according to your preference.

Swell Seed offers a country charm flower mixture that provides timeless and astonishing results. The best quality of the mixture is incredibly diverse; once it’s planted and begins to bloom, it will continue blooming for years to come. 

Flowers are lovely and beautiful, choose the ones you like from many options available at Swell Seed to make a garden of your dreams.

Best Flower Seeds Varieties for Your Home Garden

At Swell Seed, we offer a wide variety of flower seeds for your home garden and lawn. There are many annual and perennial flowers that are easy to grow right from the seed. Some of the best flower seed varieties include marigolds, morning glories, moss rose, sunflowers, sweet peas, and heirloom seeds.

If you are looking for options to create a green, colorful, and attractive place for your front home garden, the best flower seeds mixture available at Swell Seeds will give you that freedom of creation. 

Choose from a variety of flower mixtures like bountiful bloom, endless bloom, summer picking, please the bees, and more. Available at affordable prices, these flower mixtures can help you create the space of your dreams. 

Flower Seeds Growing Guide

Flower seeds require precision as they are fragile. Some flower seeds need to be spread above the soil to germinate due to their particular needs such as the need for direct sunlight. After the seed plantation is done, keep the soil fertile at all times with organic compost to ensure it’s moist at all times.

How to Plant Flower Seeds

To grow flowers right from the seed, it is important to follow all the steps carefully. Start with filling the planter with a mixture of soil amendments and then sprinkle the flower seeds on top. Water the seeds, cover the planter, and place it indoors. 

Once it begins to sprout, very carefully thin out the seedlings and plant them outside. Keep a vigilant eye for winds and frost until the plant gains strength and stems becomes a little woody.

When Do You Plant Flower Seeds?

Determining the best time to plant your flower seeds depends on various factors such as your climate and the type of chosen flower seeds. Certain flower seeds thrive in colder temperatures such as calendula, wallflower, and more while others are friendly towards the warm season such as the cosmos, dianthus, and more. Be careful before planting the outside as certain plants that are not cold tolerant should not be placed outside until the dangers of frost have passed.